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Jabber for iPhone Question

John Early

We are working on deploying the Jabber iPhone app to our whole company but during testing I ran into an interesting situation that I need some input on.  When the app is open/registered and a call comes in, it rings to both the desk phone and Jabber App at once, regardless of where you answer you can put the call on hold and move it between the 2 devices easily.  When I tested it with the App closed I ran into an issue.  If the app is closed and the iPhone is sitting locked and a call comes into the desk phone you can answer it normally, but if then you want to put the call on hold and pick it up on the Jabber App, the freshly opened App doesn't see the call on the line, if at this point the call is terminated and re-established then it worked correctly.  Boiling this down, my question is, does the Jabber App have to be open before a call is established for it to be able to "hand-off" a call between the 2 devices.  (Yes I realized mobility could do this but I am trying to stay focused on the Jabber App aspect at the moment)


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Dennis Mink


I am not in a position to lab this out for you. But i would be interested to see what happens to the registration status of your iphone TCT device in Call Manager?

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When the Jabber App is online, it shows registered.  When it is closed, it's not.  When the call is established between the 2 desk phones the Jabber App is unregistered, then while the call is established the App registers but it can't pick up that established call when put on hold.  My thought is that when a call is established on a DN Call Manager tells all the phones registered for that DN about the call and it's presence, but since the Jabber App isn't registered at the time of the call then it doesn't know about it.  In theory this would do the same thing with another desk phone,  I am going to lab that up and see.

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