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Jabber for Mac Version 12.9 No Ignore Button

I have recently had our remote users upgrade to Jabber 12.9 on their Macs because of the added Park option on calls which we use heavily in our department. One of our remote workers brought a concern to me last week that she no longer has the option to "Ignore" a call when it comes in (they receive calls from 2 separate line groups). So she is unable to place a new call while a call is coming in. She says she had this option before in older versions of Jabber but since upgrading has lost it. Has anyone else experienced this issue and have a solution?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Start by finding out the exact call flow for the behavior, and have them try a direct call for testing purposes.

In order for ignore to show up, there has to be a VM profile associated to the line.



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So here's the call flow I'm getting from the user:


Call comes into 1 of our 2 lines that this user's DN is associated to.

She takes the call, and in this case, places the call on park for another user.

Normally she would just user Jabber to call the other person to let them know of the parked call. If someone was calling before she could start a new call she would just hit "Ignore" on the Jabber popup in the corner of the screen to allow her to make another call.

Now in Jabber 12.9, when another call is coming in, she only gets Chat, and Answer. So in order for her to place another call, she has to wait her the line to stop ringing.


Her DN has a VM profile as do the 2 hunt pilots her DN is associated with.


Hope this makes sense. Trying to type this all out and quickly as possible in my spare time. We are a K-12 school district and today is our first day of school and we are going fully remote so we are practically on fire here in our technology department.



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