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LDAP Synch CUCM and Filter

Hi All

Customer has a requirement to do LDAP sync for CUCM against AD. In Active Directory they want to create a custom attribute called “CUCM” and assign a value such as “CoreCluster” for each users. I am writing an LDAP filter such as


Will this filter work and are there any limitations on creating custom attribute in AD or do LDAP Sync has to use existing attribute? Has anyone done something similar?


Adrian Saavedra
Rising star

From the SRND, check out the section "Extending the Default Filter":

Cisco recommends that you use the default filter string and append additional conditions to it. For example:


For the search filter, you may use any existing attribute or even a custom attribute that is defined in the LDAP directory store. The filter string controls which records are selected by the LDAP server to be returned to Unified CM, but the attributes that are imported are not affected by the filter string. The filter string that is used by Unified CM for LDAP queries is stored internally in the ldapfilter database table, and that string can be up to 1024 characters long. Unified CM can support a custom filter for each LDAP Directory Synchronization agreement.

Anyway, you should do some tests in a lab environment (if you have one) to check if records are synchronized successfully.

Hope to help, please remember to rate the post if it does.


- Adrian.


Yes your filter is fine. It will work as you want. It will import users with the attribute CUCM=CoreCluster and IpPhone field configured.

Many people use custom attributes and there are no issues with it as far as I know..I use the attribute "extensionAttribute15" for my cluster.

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