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ldapsearchdirectory.asp from Cisco SDK stops working after upgrade CUCM 4 to 7

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We are using the LDAPsearchdirectory.asp script from the Cisco SDK of a few years ago on a CUCM 4 at a customer of ours.

(this worked together with a ldapproxy.dll, a dll doing the interrogations of an LDAP directory).

After an upgrade to CUCM 7,  a query on the corporate directory with a 7921/7925/7935 phone receives an empty answer.

It looks like the new firmware are not compatible with ASP anymore, and would need to be rewritten in JSP. (I am not an expert in this field …)

Does anyone uses another tool/script to:

  • •-          Add additional “customer” ldap searches to the IP Phones
  • •-          Interrogatie also mobile phone numbers, not only the office numbers in the ldap directories ?

All input is appreciated,

Many Thanks,

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William Bell
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VIP Alumni

The first question I have: does your ASP application work for other phone models (other than 7921/7925/7935)? I have used a custom corporate directory application based on the same SDK for CUCM 7 without issue but I don't recall testing it on a wireless phone.  My lab server is down for maintenance so I can't test it right this minute.

Since you recently upgraded, I should point out that if you were running your ASP application on your CM 4 system then it won't work the same in CUCM 7. CUCM 7 only runs JSP and you can't edit the corporate directory application pages. Instead, you can run your ASP application on a separate Windows server. You will have to modify the Services Provisioning parameter on your phones or subscribe to your directory application as a new phone service. We can explore that if you find that it is necessary.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Hello William,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, it still works for the 7940/7960 & 7911/7912 phones.

The script is running on the Unity IIS server. It looks like the wireless & conference phones cannot handle the "answer" of the script (result of the search).

It would be fantastic if you could test this once on your lab server whenever you got the time.

Best Regards,