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Least Cost Routing VoIP between CME sites - can it be done?


Is it possible to configure LCR between two CME sites? I have two different CME's that are in two different states and would like to take advantage of the PSTN connections at both sites. I'm currently using h323 dial-peers for 4-digit dialing and toll bypass, but am not quite sure how to get site A to dial out site B's ISDN line for PSTN calls.

I'm using CallManager Express at both sites.

Any hints?


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Michael Owuor
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


This can be done. Make the configuration transparent to the IP phone users, so they will just dial the numbers as long distance numbers. Configure redundancy via dial-peers. Two dial-peers will do the trick. The first dial-peer will send the call to the remote gateway for it to be routed out as a local call. If the number dialed is dialed as 91+10 digits, strip the 91 (and the area code if necessary) before sending the call to the remote gateway which should already be configured to route the call out as a local call. The second dial-peer is a failover dial-peer, to be used incase the WAN is down or the remote gateway is not available to route out the call. In this case, the call is sent out the local gateway as a normal long distance call.

The configuration could look somewhat like this:


voice translation-rule 4

rule 1 /^91212/ /212/


voice translation-profile LCR

translate called 4


dial-peer voice 1 voip

description ** LCR Via CME_Site_B **

destination-pattern 91212[2-9]......

translation-profile outgoing LCR

preference 1


dial-peer voice 2 pots

description ** LD to CME_Site_B Via Local PSTN**

destination-pattern 91212[2-9]......

preference 2

forward-digits 11

port x/x


Hope this helps.



Thanks for the quick reply and the suggestions.

It turns out that I was over complicating things by adding an incoming dial-peer at my far-end system. As soon as I removed that the incoming VoIP calls started routing out the PSTN.

I'll use your preference suggestions for failover dial-peers.

Thanks much,


You are welcome Mike. Good to hear that all is well in your VoIP world :-)





Can you please refer to a configuration guide? I would need that quite urgently and I cannot find a general guide so far. 


Thank you,




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