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License Issue for CUCM 9.x

March 2014, I have bought 30 new license from cisco & reseller.

June 17 2014, we get our new license, and register this new license into our CUCM system.

With surprise, the new license has been marked with Version 10.x which is not the same with our CUCM verions 9.x.

so it didn't come into the available license, and the CUCM is alerting us that we just have 13 days left.


We have contacted our reseller, and they said they have no idea about this issue, and open the case to cisco license team.

the cisco license team has confirmed with me that the new license is incorrect for the 9.x system, and the downgrade is unavailable. there are 2 solution.

1. contact the reseller to order a RMA to replace the 10.x to 9.x

2. upgrade the system from 9.x to 10.x


then we contact the reseller, they said that they have no idea how to process this RMA to replace the license. so they suggest us to upgrade the system into the 10.x. Then forward the case to TAC team.

the cisco TAC team has send a email that said " if we want to upgrade the CUCM from the 9.x to 10.x, which way we want? upgrade ELM & CUCM or just upgrade ELM, and what version we are using?"


i replied, i don't want to upgrade my system. i just want to add 30 new license. if cisco cannot replace the license from 10.x to 9.x, and the upgrading is the only solution that i could take, please tell me what the risks are after we upgrade the system? cisco should tell us which way is the better, upgrade ELM & CUCM or just ELM only. Is there any comparability between the CUCM 10.x with UC 9.x, IMP 9.x and CCX 9.x? currently all of us system is 9.x version.


then no response from cisco any more in these two days.


yesterday i ask my reseller to try to pick up the replacing solution. reseller told me they just can help me to open a case to license team. 

the license team told me they have no idea on how to solve my problem, and escalate my case to my cisco account manager. (it's exactly who i have contacted while i was planning to add new license, and suggested me that we need to buy R-CBE6K-K9.)


today i called my cisco account manager, and she said she is not on charge of this anymore, and please contact a new UC account manager.

the new UC account manager said " you get the wrong license, and there is nearly impossible to replace the license. You need to contact TAC team to upgrade you system."



1. is there has any standard procedure which can actually solve this issue?

because i think both of the cisco support team & reseller team and accout manager are not sure how to deal with this issue. there is the loop just like routing loop, reseller & account manager ask me to contact support team ,support team ask me to contact reseller & account manager.

when is loop is keeping, my system has alerted my that i just have 13 days left for adding new license. I'm excited on what will happen after the 13 days gone.


2. do i really need to upgrade the system? Why not replacing the license?

Base on my understanding, i contact my reseller to buy these new license,  they gave me the suggestion, and i followed it.

(i think cisco or reseller has this responsibility to let customer to understand how to buy their products.)

But finally the new license is not the one i want. (Until now, i'm confused on this).


I have contacted the right sales channel to get an incorrect license. Because of this incorrect license, i have to upgrade my system from 9.x to 10.x.

If we upgrade the system, we should take the risks & costs on our own. I don't think it make sense..............


3. Is there any effective method to escalate this issue?

Since from the Jun 26 i have first opened the case, i have heard enough response for " i have no idea, please try to contact .....", then keep me waiting.

So currently what i can only do is to login into the CUCM Admin website, and check the message, A ha, one more day is gone.


Cisco , i think you need improvement, don't keep your customer waiting.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Push back on cisco licensing team and ask for escalation explaining your situation, I have been there before and they can convert the license for you.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Push back on cisco licensing team and ask for escalation explaining your situation, I have been there before and they can convert the license for you.


Hi Chris

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will try to contact the licensing team again tomorrow.

Hi Kira,

I agree with Chris .I have also faced similar issues whre licensing team has helped.

It does not make any sense to upgarde the system for just 30 user license.




The licensing group was a joke and couldn't answer basic questions when I had went from 8x to 9x licensing.   It seemed like every question I asked needed to be referred to the BU which usually was a two day process.   I felt like I could have accomplished more faster if I just talked to the BU myself and had a true dialog instead of talking to a middleman.  


When I showed them that I had been trying to resolve my problem for 40+ days and didn't see an end in sight they eventually agreed to at lease extend my demo license so I wasn't up against the wall.   Maybe try the same and keep on them.


Good luck!



This is a frustrating issue.  In our case, our reseller indicated that it may have been ordered incorrectly.  On the order form, there is a field for version, and the assistant doing the ordering may have assumed that we were on 10.x.  So at least in my case, our reseller indicated that the 2 options mentioned in the OP are correct: 1) RMA and reorder the correct version of licenses, or 2) Upgrade to 10.5 (the latest at this time).  I'm getting a labor quote for some assistance in upgrading.  If it doesn't make sense to do so at this point (the system is only 5 months old), then I'll just have them fix their mistake and order the correct licenses.

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