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License Usage

John Huthmaker

Hi Everyone,

I've been unable to find anything definitive online, so I wanted to ask a few questions about license usage with CUWL:

1) Does an unregistered phone consume a license?  For example, my client plugged in all of their phones, which added them to the CallManager database.  Later they unplugged a few.  Are those few that are no longer plugged in consuming licenses?  This is very important for me to know.  Because if they are not consuming licenses, they will be short when they are plugged back in.

2) How does licensings work when you have more than one phone?  I read a thing that showed a person with two phone types registered under their username, and it only consumed 1 license.  But the example shown used two different phone models.  Would the same be true if the user had two of the exact same phone model?  My client has an employee who travels between sites, and has a physical phone at each site.  Both phones are registered under his user account.  Do both phones consume licenses?

3) What license type is consumed by a generic SIP phone?  My client will be getting some security door phones for remote intercom.  What license would those use?

Thank you all for your help!

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Dennis Fogler
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


   What version of Communications Manager are you running?

In this case its version 11.x, but I work with all versions.  Obviously CUWL started with version 9.x

Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Refer to below links to understand how License Calculation works:



Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


1)  it doesnt matter if a phone is physically plugged in or not. as soon as you add/configure a phone to call manager (device>ADD) it starts using a license.

2) Yes, they would.  why not use extension mobility for this user?  although you would stilll need 2 licenses to have the two phone registered.

3) generic SIP phone?  you mean like a Helios 2N?  You will need an enhanced license as you will need to enter authentication ceredentials to get it registered in CUCM

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