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Blake Gentner

Line in on a C60 mic input

Trying to convert Mic3&4 on a C60 to Line in. I have the following turned on in the codec:


Mode: On


Echo: All off

EQ: Off

VidAssoc: Mute on active: Off

                    Vidinputsource: 3

Am I doing anything obviously wrong?

Using an Extron breakout box that has XLR outs, tested on powered speakers OK. I get no sound at all when connected to the codec.

C60, running 7.2.aea6651. Registered to VCS-C for SIP and h.323.

Enrico Conedera
Cisco Employee

Hello Blake -

By default, the XLR inputs are not heard locally. They are, after all, microphone inputs and you don't want them to be heard locally.

However, you can change the default routing by using TC Console.  On the Audio Console tab of TC Console, drag the XLR connector you are using down to the "PC Input" section. Save the file and apply it to the codec.  Then you will hear the audio locally, and the far end will also hear it.

Thanks -- however I was hoping to be able to do this without TC Console -- simply through the web interface.

And to clarify (sorry for not being specific) when changed to line level I can't hear anything on teh remote side.

Right - unlike the MXP platform, you cannot change audio routing in the web interface on TC software endpoints.

The reason for that is likely that there are many more audio routing options available through the API, compared with MXP, so it wasn't reasonable to use the web interface for that.

TC Console is worth the time to learn, and if you like I can send you an XML file that you can use.  Just let me know which XLR input you are using on your C60 and also the software rev of the C60.  Then you can just apply the XML file to the codec using TC Console.

Now, since you are not getting audio at the far end, I would do this:

1) Use TC Console to route the audio locally so you can verify locally. It is always best to isolate when troubleshooting

2) Since a powered speaker works, your cabling is probably correct, but you may want to verify pin 2 hot, pin 3 cold, and pin 1 ground.

3) Verify the output level of the Extron breakout box - we are looking for +4dB nominal, but it will work with lower level signals by boosting the gain.

4) Use the VU meters in the web interface to verify signal.  Go to Configuration / Peripherals, scroll down and you will see the Microphones section with VU meters.  (Requires a fairly recent software version - perhaps TC6 or better.)

As I said, this will be much easier to troubleshoot locally, rather than having to make a call to test it.

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