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Line Pickup Configuration for Novice


Hello. Here’s the description of what I am trying to accomplish.

I have an auto attendant that when 9 is pushed, it transfers to an extension which is an analog paging device that rings over the PA system. What I am running into, there is no way to pickup the paging extension from a local phone/extension.

My environment is a multi-site environment, with the 10.5 cuca/cucm servers running at the primary site. The site in question is a remote site. Each site has its own site code prefacing the internal extension.  As such, the paging extension has the same site code as the extensions I want to be able to pickup that paging extension.

I would also like to setup an alternate number for the analog paging system as it would be a long number to dial if an end user was to use the Pickup/GPickup feature.

How would I go about doing what I described? As close to step-by-step instructions would be helpful. . . or a line chart of the headings I need to configure. . .

ie on CUCM -> Call Routing -> Call Pickup Group (configure a pickup group), on CUCM -> Call Routing ->Call Control Discovery->Partition (configure partition)

I really appreciate the assistance!


I created a Call Pickup Group, added each Directory Number to the Call Pickup Group, and was successful in picking up the ringing over the PA with the Phone Pickup softbutton.

I know this is absolutely the WRONG way to accomplish what I wanted to do, but it does work for what I am trying to accomplish.

After reading all the documentation, I thought creating a partition, having all the DN's needing to pickup in that partition, and adding the newly created partition to the Call Pickup Group would negate the need for me to go to each DN and add them individually.

Problem is, I couldn't easily figure out at what step in the process the DN's get added to the newly created partition.  That's only if my thought process is even correct.

If someone could enlighten me on the correct process/procedure/course of events to get what I need accomplished, more in line with Cisco standards, I would definitely like to learn it.

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi there,

I don't see any problem whatsoever with the way you configured this, in fact, this would be the desired method to accomplish what you were trying to do (and ended up doing).

If you look at the steps in this "old" tech-note you will see that you pretty much nailed it;



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