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LLDP - EEM script - Help needed!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


     I need some help on an EEM script for LLDP. Scenario is as follows:

We have implemented LLDP to discover the IP Phone and put it in appropritate VLan. Currently if a device other than phone is connected to switch port, we put it in the default vlan - looking to shutdown the port if device other than phone (ie. cannot do LLDP) is connected.

Can somebody help us on this please? The switch is 3750-E and Avaya 1600 series phones.

THanks a lot!



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What version of IOS is running on the switch?  EEM version 3.2 released in 12.2(53)SE has a "Neighbor Discovery Event Detector" that can monitor for LLDP events.  If this version of IOS is a possibility for you, then you can probably utilize that event detector to accomplish what you want.  The trick will be to determine what part of the LLDP data to use to determine if the device is one of the required phones. 

This neighbor discovery event detector can also detect CDP and link/line protocol events.  So there are a couple of ways to accomplish what you want most likely but you need to be careful because shutting down the port can lead to the switch missing a lldp message and incorrectly determining the phone is not a phone.

Is there a list of what the different variables that can be used for lldp and cdp?  For example I have a script today that matches for the presence of .*AIR*. in $_nd_cdp_platform (this is the variable that I currently refer to) to find APs and configure the port accordingly.  I imagine that there is a listing somewhere of what the various fields/variables are that can be searched.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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