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Load IP Phone Firmware on Remote Router

Level 1
Level 1

Hi ,

Is it possible that can we implement load the IP Phone firmware  on the remote router  (running  DHCP local and set option 150 to the Call Manager IP address ) and managed on the HQ office Cisco Call Manager ?

Appreciated anyone can provide this solution.  Tks       

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Adrian Saavedra
Level 7
Level 7

You can use the load server method for firmware upgrades (besides Peer Firmware Sharing):

"One method is to use a local TFTP server just for the upgrades. The administrator can place a TFTP server in branch offices (particularly in branches that have a larger number of phones, or whose WAN link is not speedy or robust), and can configure the phones in those offices to use that particular TFTP server just for new firmware. With this change, phones will retrieve new firmware locally. This upgrade method would require the administrator to pre-load the phone firmware on the TFTP server in the branch and manually configure the TFTP server address in the "load server" parameter in the affected phone configurations. Note that the branch router may be used as a TFTP server."

Hope to help, please remember to rate the post if it does.


- Adrian.

Hi Adrian ,

Thanks for your valuable advise.  Need to clarify the issue. Based on the config below as example

ip dhcp pool IPPHONE




option 150


tftp-server flash:cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-2-3.cop.sgn


tftp-server flash:cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-2-3.cop.sgn


load  7911  cmterm-7911_7906-sccp.9-2-3.cop.sgn

load  7942  cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-2-3.cop.sgn


Please advise if the following command is correct to load the new IP Phone firmware and cnf is created at the Cisco Call Manager. Tks