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Locale file download fails on CIPC

On a CIPC version with CUCM version, there is one user who is having problems downloading a file when he launches his CIPC.  This is a remote user who also came into the office network and had the same problem.  According to the traces, several other files download successfully but when it comes to the file, it fails most of the way through. 

TFTP trace:

14:18:43.770 |   HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x88fe4fb8~1590~] send() Failed, Size[2408531], Sent[2260620], Error[32]

14:18:43.770 |<--HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x88fe4fb8~1590~]

14:18:43.770 |<--HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x88fe4fb8~1590~]

14:18:43.770 |   CReqContext::serve[0x88fe4fb8~1590~] send HTTP response failed [German_Germany/], error code(32)

It makes several attempts but fails each time with an error 32.  What is the error 32?

18409: 14:18:26.220 Failed     Size[2408531]     Sent[687440]     Error[32]\par   

18885: 14:18:43.770 Failed     Size[2408531]     Sent[2260620]     Error[32]\par

19302: 14:18:57.827 Failed     Size[2408531]     Sent[2004152]     Error[32]\par

19850: 14:19:09.703 Failed     Size[2408531]     Sent[2053066]     Error[32]\par

These files get downloaded successfully:



But the below file always fails most of the way through the download.  It is the largest file but other users download it with no problem:


This does't appear to be a firewall issue.  What does error 32 mean in this case?


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Level 10


Kindly use Cisco IP communicator the last verion 8.6  i think will solve your problem.

Thank you

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Thanks for the response.  The other users are using the same version of CIPC with no problem.  It seems to be just this one user.  Anything else to try?

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