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Long-distance calls

When we do a long-distance call, and forgot to dial 1 first, the call is ringing, and ringing and ringing always without answers.

If we hang-up and then dial 1 and the 10 digits numbers, the call is redirected correctly .

I know we recently changed long-distance company. I think I may have to update automatic route selection or something like that...

Is there anything that can be done in the CUCM to correct this ?

Thank you very much.

Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Dominic,

You should run a debug on the gateway "debug voice ccapi inout" or "debug ccsip messages" depending on whether the gateway is added as h323 or SIP and check the cause code of disconnect. If you can share the running config then we can check if there is a dial peer in place to send the call out without the prefix 1.


I only have access to web interface of the CUCM...

It seems that every calls that should return an automatic answer is not working. For example, the long-distance calls without the 1 should say something like "This is a long-distance call, please dial 1 first" or "There is no service at the number dialed" (This one is ringing all over also)

Are you sure the call actually goes out to PSTN? The debug on the GW would confirm it.

If it does and for some reason the telco does not do anything with it, you can simply adjust your internal dial plan on CUCM to only allow calls such as 1+10 digits to be routed and remove any 10 digit routes from being allowed.

Where in the CUCM do I go to setup the internal dial plan ?

Your dial plan is every dn/pattern you have configured in CUCM, for outbound calls, your route patterns.



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I am having this exact same issue now. When dialing a LD number without the one ringback is recieved.

The call does go out the local PRI rings for about 1 minute and 20 seconds then releases with the cause code of Cause i = 0x8290 - Normal call clearing

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