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Make simple EM login with DN

Hi community!

As you know Cisco made great thing for Extension Mobility. You can login by your DN!
But this cool feature have one issue. You must use alphanumeric keyboard to login.


What does it mean?
You must press more button more times. Near 6 for 1 digit of you have localization.
For 4-digit DN you must press 20 times. For 7-digit more than 40!
Ours internal clients are hate us for that)))


As you know all new features request must go to BU via IDEA portal.
We with our Cisco account team make the request on IDEA portal.


What we want:
1. Give control for user to change keyboard from alphanumeric to numeric. For example additional Softkey at phone.
2. IP Phone must detect that EM are using DN for login. It must change keyboard from alphanumeric to numeric. Same as for PIN.


Please, join IDEAS portal and vote for our request! We all need this!

Be ready
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Even with the below Service Parameters set false you can only enter through alphanumeric keyboard ? 


Alphanumeric User ID

Choose True to allow the user ID to contain alphanumeric characters. Choosing False allows the user ID to contain only numeric characters.

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