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Map one of the PSTN number form e1 to specific extension


Hi All,

How can i map one of the PSTN number from E1 connection to specific extension on cucm 10.5 for incoming and outgoing.

call path as follows 

PSTN(E1) -->C2921 router(h323) ---> CUCM 10.5 ---> IP phone (ext.1010)

            0855345621 --->1010

            (one number from E1 numbering pool)



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Francisco Granados

Hi there,


There is a couple of ways you can do this, either in the router IOS or in CUCM. 

It would be easier in CUCM, assuming it is passing all the digits to CUCM, simply add a translation pattern that the gateway has access to. This will also be easier to manage. 


Or you can do it the hard way.


Router IOS = Translation rule

voice translation-rule X

rule 1 / 0855345621 / /1010/

voice translation-profile X

translate called 1

voice-port x/x/x:x

translation-profile incoming X


I hope this helps. 

Thanks for both of your time.

If i do this on cucm do i need to create two translation pattern for both incoming and outgoing?

attached some screen shots for incoming.



You just need only for the incoming, for outgoing you can enter the DID number in the DNs external phone number mask (0855345621). It will then use this for all outgoing calls.


The translation pattern you have configured will work only if you send the full digits 0855345621 to the CUCM. Also configure the partition and appropriate CSS as well.

Test it and let us know how you go.




Actually I just need to assign this particular number for FAX machine with ATA(1010).

for incoming and outgoing this fax machine should use same PSTN number(0855345621).

any idea to how to configure this?



Above should work. Did you try?

currently E1 connection terminate at Analog pabx and there is a sip trunk between analog pabx and cucm.

fax doesn't work on above scenario. and since this is production network i cant remove e1 from pabx and test with cisco gateway for long time.

so i need to make sure configuration before testing.

specially on voice GW router.


Thanks for your support. 

Ok - lets start again, can you explain complete setup, existing call flows and what you want to do?

Do you want to make this work with E1 connected to PABX or with Voice router? Or you are planning to move the E1 from PABX to router?



Current call path -

PSTN(E1) --> PABX--(sip)--> CUCM

Im planing to remove E1 from PABX and connect with Voice router

PSTN(e1) ---> Router(2921) ---> CUCM

But since this is production network its not good to have long downtime so io need to make sure configuration before move e1 to voice router.

hope you will understand our situation.



whats your DID range and extensions. Are you using translations on your voice gateway to convert DID range to 4 digit extension? Your original query was to convert only one DID number to a particular extension - so I assume you have dial peers /translations etc setup on router. If not explain what help do you need exactly?


I need to move the e1 to voice router first and also need to map one of the DID with one specific extension

DID range 84463805 -84463829

extension range (1-9)xxx




Ok then, just tell me one thing, what are you doing with you rest of DIDs? How are you converting the DID to extension on desk phones? Have you configured dial-peers, translations etc for other extensions. Where have you done that?


You could use translation rules in CUCM but I am not sure what you are doing with conversions etc. Below is a complete solution for what you had asked for.

Anyways just use the voice translation rules as per below just make sure the number delivered on the router is exactly 0855...

voice translation-rule 1
 rule 1 /^0855345621$/ /1010/   
voice translation-profile TEST
 translate called 1

Apply to inbound dial-peer

dial-peer voice 5 pots
 translation-profile incoming TEST
 incoming called-number ^0855345621$

Apply to outbound dial-peer:

dial-peer voice 50 voip
 destination-pattern ^1010$
 session target ipv4:   <<< just replace with CUCM Ip address




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planing to assign one DID to uccx IVR for all incoming calls which can use as a pilot number for all extension.

external party will dial that pilot number followed by extension.

another DID for FAX

rest of the DID i will assign different extensions as request (if some user request DID without going through IVR).

if you have time help me on this.



See below post for the one DID ATA Fax DN you asked for, just create the DN in the CUCM and in the external phone number mask enter the DID number: 0855345621.

For your rest of the DID/Extensions use below:

Your DID range is 84463805 -84463829, if you need to change this to lets say 9XXX

then do the following:

voice translation-rule 2
 rule 1 /^084463\(805$\)/ /9\1/   

Voice translation-p FROM_PSTN

t called 2

dial-peer voice 6 pots
 translation-profile incoming FROM_PSTN
 incoming called-number .

dial-peer voice 51 voip
 destination-pattern ^9...$
 session target ipv4:  

This will translate your DID range to 4 digit extensions and send to CUCM.

You can create the extensions 9XXX in CUCM and you should be good with that.

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