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Mask Directory Number Internal

Hi All, I have this Scenario:

CUCM: 8.5

All extensions begin with 2 and long 4 digits. Ex. 2010, 2012, 2015,2016.

Now we need to migrate to extension of seven digits Ex. 3602010  but for the end user side this will be transparent and they will be continue using 4 (four digits).

I did:

1. Update the directory number 2010 to 3602010

2. In Directory Numer Configuration, section "Line 1 on Device (Mac Address)" i set External Phone Numer Mask to 2010, to show in the screen of phone 2010 and not 3602010.

3. I create a Translation Pattern with Translation Pattern 2010 and in Called Party Transformations "Called Party Transform Mask" i set 3602XXX.

The problem is that when a user that dial 2010 in the screen of the phone it shows 3602010 and i need only shows 2010Dialing_To_2010.PNG

Can anyone  help me.

Thanks for your help.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

External phone number mask is irrelevant here as that only applies to call made outside of the system, i.e. PSTN.

You would need to build Calling and Called Transformation patterns if you really need this, however I would not recommend that as there is a reason you went to 7 digit dial plan. If 4 digits is still permitted yet 7 digit works why is it a problem to display the 7 digit number?



Hi Chris, thanks for answer.

I should not  display the 7 digits number because the end user confuse, the project says that i need to update all directory numbers (Extensions) from 4 to 7 digits, and for the end user this will be transparent and they continue using 4 digits for communicate internally.

The only problem that now i  have is that when an user calls to another user in the display of phone shows the 7 digits and i need show only the usual 4 digits..

Thanks for your help

So, you will need to use calling party transformation and called party transformation assuming you are on recent version of CUCM.

So, buitl called party transformation pattern to mask the digits you see on your phone when you dial, and calling party transformation to mask the digit the other party sees when you dial.



Hi Chris,

I test Called Party Transformation Pattern and Calling Party Transformation but the system don't allow insert 2010 or

3602010 respectively because 3602010 is a DN and 2010 is a Translation Pattern, i test deleting the translation pattern but the call not complete and return the error:  "Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please consult ......."

Is something wrong.. please any comment will be grateful.


Some have solved this issue in your environment..

Please help.


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