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Maximum Mail Box Store Size in Unity Connection 8.6

Hi All,


We have a 2 node Unity Connection 8.6 Cluster in production. At present we have 2 mail box stores in use. Please find the details below:


Total Size of All Voice Messages and Attachments: "2.67 GB"

Maximum Size Before Warning : "4000000 MB"


Total Size of All Voice Messages and Attachments: "16.97 MB"
Maximum Size Before Warning : "2500000 MB"


When I tried to add more users in "UnityMbxDb1"  it gives me a warning message:

"The selected mailbox store has exceeded the recommended size limit. Connection will not prevent you from adding another mailbox to this mailbox store, but we recommend that you choose another mailbox store or create a new mailbox store for additional users"


1) I would like to know the why am I getting above error message when I have "4000000 MB"( I am skeptical about this size because our disk size is only 150 GB, this could be a bug ?) of Maximum Size Before Warning.

2) I can create a new mail box store to fix this, however I would like to know the maximum size of the mail box store that can be created in Unity Connection 8.6 ( I have 123 GB/82 % of the free disk space).

Please advice!

Thanks in Advance and Happy New Year!

Thanks and Regards,

Thammaya Gupta K.

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Hi Thammaya,

How did you resolve this issue. i am experiencing the same..


Max configurable size of a MB store is 30GB with the default being 15GB. If the warning parameter is set to 2500000 MB then it is incorrect because that is above the max configurable limit.

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