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MCS-7825-H3-ECS1 / Platform Configuration Disc Problems

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has come across an odd problem using Windows 2003 Server platform configuration discs.

I have recently built 2x Cisco MCS-7825-H3-ECS1 servers to use as Unity 7.x failover servers, I used the Cisco provided platform configuration discs and the disc marked 'MCS-7825-H3' to build then, however once the image has been ghosted onto the hard drives and boots into Windows 2003 I'm unable to get NIC1 (as marked on the server) which displays as local area connection to work at all.

I have tried all the normal stuff like using known working patching and cabling and have the same problem on both the servers.

I have completely rebuilt the servers a couple of times and tried removing and re-installing the network interface drivers, which makes me think that either its possibly a problem with the ghost image?

Any help with this would be fantastic as I would like to configure both of the on-board NIC's to utilize the NFT mode.

Thanks in advance


Re: MCS-7825-H3-ECS1 / Platform Configuration Disc Problems

There are two supported configurations for installation of Cisco Unity on a platform with two NIC:

- Disable one of the NIC.

- Configure the NIC in an active-passive manner.

You must either disable TCP/IP for the second NIC or disable the second NIC in the BIOS, or Cisco Unity may not work properly.


Re: MCS-7825-H3-ECS1 / Platform Configuration Disc Problems

Thanks for your reply however this question is not about fault tolerent NIC's or disabling one it's around the fact that the one of the NIC's doesn't work at all dispite the servers being built with the Unity platform configuration discs.

I suspect this could a problem with ghost image for this model of server, however I was hoping not to have to open a TAC case to get an answer.

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