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MeetMe issues still

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Level 1

We've been having intermittent MeetMe issues since we installed our system a year ago. We are using Call Manager 8.5 with the software MeetMe bridges. Max participants is set at 50. We only have 150 ppl in our entire company and the most concurrent meetings that would ever occur would be three, but usually it's only 1 with less than 10 people.

Someone will initiate the MeetMe, and someone dialing in will get a busy signal as if the MeetMe hasn't started yet. It has happened when both internal and external people dial in, and after two or three times they are able to get in. I have triple checked to make sure it wasn't user error. I have had several tickets opened and subsequently closed because they are so hard to track; I can't replicate it, it only happens (or is only reported to me) once a month or so, and there are no discernable patterns. So I haven't had any resolution but people are starting to abandon MeetMe and are asking for another solution, which means more $... Does anyone have any suggestions? Things I can check in the system? Things that might help replicate? Similar experience? 

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

Have you applied all the available SR patches ?

Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni

Hi Alex

With a system of that size collecting logs from the system shouldn't be too much of an issue. Turn them up to detailed...

I would have people log the failures, and schedule log collection to happen with a copy of RTMT. You can then go back over the logs to find the failures.

You might be able to ease the process by using translatorX to parse the logs for a day and find any failed calls, and then compare those to find any that are to your MeetMe ranges.


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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