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Menus and voicemail playback stuttering

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Level 1

For about the past two weeks our phone system whenever you goto the voicemail system both the menu and messages are stuttering. I cannot seem to pinpoint what is causing the problem. In a previous building we had this issue but it was due to switches being placed on a port. That is not the issue with this new building as everything is one to one. We are using version 8.6

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Level 3
Level 3

Hello Todd,

I would say that only way to isolate it being a CUC issue is doing a packet capture and hear the audio.

1-      Using CLI(command line interface) thru a remote connection as i.e Putty of the CUC.

2-  This command starts the initiation of gathering packets:    utils network capture eth0 count 100000 size all file .

Where 'filename' is a random name that you would like to provide; the 'count' is the size of the packets that will be captured.

Once this capture is running you can reproduce the issue and once you finish hold Crtl+C and that will terminate the capture session.

3-      The file will be saved in platform/cli/filename.cap

Where 'filename' is a random name that you provided.

4- Gather the packet capture from RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool), you can see the screenshot in the link below with further information:

Then to hear the packet capture using Wireshark you would open the file and then go to:

Telephony>Rtp> Show all streams> Click on the stream based on the Source and Destination Address> Click Analyze> Player> Decode> Play the file.

If it is not stuttering the issue would be somewhere else and is reaching Unity Connection that way.



Wow, I really appreciate the in-depth response. So I was able to play the file back and it is still stuttering in the playback on the wireshark. What would be my next step?

Any further ideas what it could be? It seems it is stuttering within the pcap file as well.