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Migrate CUCM 6.1.5 MCS78XX cluster to UCS 8.6.2 cluster Blade B200M2


Hi to all,

We want to migrate a client that has a cluster CUCM 6.1.5 with 4 78XX servers ( 1 PUB and 3 SUB ) to UCS 8.6.2.

I have some doubts about it:

- The actual hardware does not support the CUCM 8.6.2 to make the backup and restore in the UCS Blade.How to procedure to migrate it?

- We would like to make a UCS Cluster with 1 Pub and 5 Subscribers and if I get the backup with 4 CUCMs when I restore it, then i would aggregate two more?

- Also they have a Unity 4 and would like to migrate to Unity Connection 8 into the Blade and create a cluster.

Really appreciate some help about this proyect.

Best regards,


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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Please confirm your present MCS server's exact model number, so that I could check whether your MCS box supports bridged upgrade atleast.

On UCS, you cant install CUCM below certain version 8.0.1 as I remember but can confirm. Further, the backup & restore needs to be done with same source & destination CUCM versions.

Therefore please confirm your MCS model first.



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Hi Gajanan,

Thanks a lot.

The mcs model is 7845H2

Best regards,


Depending on the exact model of 7845H2, you can run 8.6.2 on them (I am !)

If you upgrade the RAM to 8GB, and the discs to 146GBs, then you're fine. (Actually, if you're just after a bridge upgrade, you can probably get away without replacing the HDs. The installer only checks for 72GB HDs)

This URL shows the compatibility of servers & CUCM:

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Searching for 7845H2 in the CUCM Supported Servers list available here

gives many server models. Could you confirm which exact model is that ? Did you mean you have "

MCS-7845-H2 "?

It all depends upon the server model, so it's very important to identify the right model in that list first & then move forward.


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