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Migrating and re-IP webex 2.6

I am tasked to migrate a internal Webex server to a new datacentre, this means physically moving it and re-IP it.

the deployment is a WebEX server for public access in a DMZ (already in place) and an internal server.

I would like to get some input on how to to re-IP it and in what order, as information is sketchy.

we are using a site url  and admin url that resolves for instance and our hostname for the virtual machine is resolves in for instance

so we will be looking at changing the host name because of the new location, but leaving the site and admin URL the same, just with with a new IP address (say

apparently according to:

You can change the hostname of a virtual machine that is part of your deployment. The corresponding IP address is picked up automatically from the DNS.

can anyone confirm that?

the Webex server administration guide 2.5  also states:

Typically you can change the IP address of a server only if you also change its name. This is to avoid a change simply by changing a DNS entry. However, Admin and Site URLs do not fall into this category.

also for the changing the site and admin URL (see attachment), I am assuming I do this AFTER the hostname is changed? (because if I change it the otherway around I will loose connection through the admin URL and will no longer be able change the hostname in the first step.

the idea is to pick up the server, rack it in the new DC and use the new IP address.  Keen to hear from people that have gone through a similar move and what snags they hit.

thanks peeps

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