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Migrating of Device license from one MCS server to another MCS server..


Dear All,

Anyone can help me out the exact procedure of  migrating the device licenses unit from one MCS server to another MCS server...

I have one MCS server with call manager 6.0 and registerd with 300 IP Phones but  i have scraped  this MCS server and bought new MCS server 7825 CM 8.0 with 1000 seats.

Somehow I came to know that we can use existing device licenses with new  server also. So anyone  can tell me how can i download existing licensing file from old MCS server and upload in new MCS server.



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You can go to System/Licensing/License Upload, select each license and copy the contents into a file with the same name as listed there...

Then open a TAC case, send them the licenses, and explain that you want to rehost them.



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Rob Huffman
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Hi Mahavir,

I'll just add a note to the good tips from Aaron (+5 "A" - team)

Cisco Licensing is very,very good about re-homing these licenses when required. Just send an email to;

Something like this;

We recently aquired licenses tied to PAK xxxxxxxxxxx for our CUCM 6.x cluster. We have a License tied to MAC CCCDDDAAABBB and now require the license to be re-homed to our new server Publisher MAC AAABBBCCCDDD accordingly.

Here is the pertinent info;

End User Name -

Legal Address


Purchase Order Number - 111111

Sales Order Number - 2222333

Bill to ID - xxxxx

Ship to ID - xxxxxxxxx

Thanks in advance for all your help with this! Can you please email the new license to:

Hope this helps!


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