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Migration from CUCM 5.1 to CUCM 7.1


We are planning an upgrade from CUCM 5.1 (Active Master Version: to CUCM 7.1. I have the DLU files from version 5 and it should not be a problem to use the same license files in 7.1. However my question is what would be the easiest way to save the 5.1 configuration and then to import it back into the new box? Can I use BARS or DR to perform a backup and of course would it be possible to restore 5.x backup on 7.x machine? I am assuming a fresh install on a new MCS (not an upgrade). This is because i will have to replace the HDDs in order to support the 7.x hardware platform requirements.

Any other ideas are welcome.

Thanks to all in advance!


Re: Migration from CUCM 5.1 to CUCM 7.1

Hello there,

Thank you for your question!

If you have checked the release notes and indeed you require an upgrade of your HDD's then I believe your best option is this:

1) make a DRF backup of the 5.x

2) install the new HDD's

3) rebuild the 5.x with the new HDD's installed

4) restore the 5.x

5) upgrade to CUCM 7.x

This is going to be your only solution as you cannot restore a CUCM 5.x backup on a CUCM 7.x system.

Hope this helps.




Re: Migration from CUCM 5.1 to CUCM 7.1

Thanks for the quick response,

In fact i have ordered:

UNIFIED-CM7.1CUCM 7.1 top level part number1
LIC-CM7.1-7835=License Unified CM 7.1 7835 Appliance, 2,500 seats2

I haven't unpacked the box yet but I believe it comes with 7.1 installation DVDs. Do I need another image for the upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1? And can I go upgrade straight from 5.1 to 7.1 using the CUCM OS admin page upgrade?


Re: Migration from CUCM 5.1 to CUCM 7.1

What is the exact CUCM 5.1.x-xxxx-x version you are running?

And what is the exact CUCM 7.1.x-xxxx-x DVD you have?


Re: Migration from CUCM 5.1 to CUCM 7.1

Or if it helps, here are the tables with supported upgrade paths for each CUCM version:

It may also be worth checking out the 'Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration Guide, Release 7.1(x)' depending on which version you are going to, to see if the information below still applies:

This second link is from the CUCM 7.1(2) guide, but I have just added it as an example. Just check the relevant guide for the version you are upgrading too first to make sure there are no special requirements when upgrading from CUCM 5.x as above.



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