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Missed Calls on 7821



We are deploying some new 7821s in our environment and we noticed that the new ones don't show a missed call count. Example: when someone calls me and I don't reply, i usually get a missed call icon and between parantheses how many missed calls I have (this comes on the top right below the extension number). This is not happening on the new 7821s, there is simply no indication that someone called. The only way to know is to manually check the 'Recents' tab.


I have seen other posts saying that recents/call history/missed calls dont appear at all and cited a bug in the firmware, but this is a seperate issue. I can see the recents tab and check who called me, the problem is that missed call notifications on the main screen are not showing up.


I thought that such a trivial option would work flawlessly, but I guess not. I have seen the notifications on a 7841, and my team was telling me that there are some old 7821s that do show the missed call icon and count.


I checked the 'Applications' button and went through all the settings, there is nothing for this.


All those phones are managed by the same switch (2911) running on IOS 15.4 (c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M.bin). New 7821s are on the SIP78xx.11-5-1SR1-1 firmware. I checked the sh run from the switch and there is no firmware loaded for the 7821s, they are running on whatever firmware versions they were shipped with.


I know the obvious answer would be to just check the old 7821s' firmware and load that to the new phones, but this does not make sense since a feature like this would not get removed in a newer firmware.


Any thoughts on the matter?


Thank you.


After several hours of searching and reading, I found the below document for 7800 series phones:


On page 9, there is a section to configure missed call notifications via the configuration utility.

It says before you begin, you must access the phone administration web page. There is a link how to access that page but when I click it I get a 404 not found error.


Also from what I see here:

I have the -K9 version as well, so does this mean that there is no GUI/web page for the version I have?


If there is a web page, how can I access it?

If there is no web page, how can I configure the missed call notifications (possibly via console)?

Cisco Employee


The 7821 you refer to is running enterprise firmware (so for CUCM/HCS/CME call control). What is the call control you are running as missed calls should just appear on the display.

The document you mention is a MPP (3rd party call control) firmware that is for connecting to Asterisk/Broadsoft/Altos/Centile/etc..

Phones running enterprise firmware aren't supported on 3rd party call control. With "hacking" the config to get them to work your milage may vary on which features you get up&running



We are running CME (I think version 8.8 I'm not sure).

So the document does not apply, any idea why we're not seeing the missed call notification?


Thank you.

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