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Missed calls on the 7945G display


Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the Cisco 7945G phones registered with an CUCM 8.6, in terms of showing "n New Missed Calls" on the display:

Given the circumstance in which I am not entering in the Directories section of the IP phone, the question regards just what's shown on the phone's display.

Let's say that the phone display shows "1 New Missed Call".

I pick up the handset, and then I put it back in its place.

Now the message on the phone is "Your current options".

The message "1 New Missed Call" is not shown anymore.

Is this a regular behavior?

Thanks in advance.



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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Yes it is normal behavior.


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Hi Gajanan,

Thank you kindly for your answer.

The main idea, which was initially in my mind, is if it can exist a combination/match/possibility between a Cisco 7945 phone's SCCP firmware release and a CUCM Release (Release 6.x and above), in which the message "1 New Missed Call" or "5 New Missed Calls" should be shown on the IP Phone's display all the time, no matter if I place or receive differrent calls, but the message dissapearing only if I manually check the missed calls on the IP Phone? (by pressing Directory and then choosing Missed Calls).

Many thanks in advance.



I understand your point but with present releases of CUCM/Phonload versions etc, its unfortunately not possible. I am not sure if such functionality is even in roadmap.

In case this is a critical business requirement, You might want to reach out to CAM ( Channel Account Management ) team to file an enhancement request ( earlier known as PER ), so that BU can look in to it.



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Hi Gajanan,

Thank you kindly for your fast reply and detailed answer.

I opened this thread with this question also because users from a Customer noticed that before proceeding to upgrading from CUCM 6.1(2) to a minor Release, this message, "n New Missed Calls", remained on the IP Phone's display until the user retrieved Missed Calls from the Directory, and after the upgrade, that behavior is not working anymore.

I understood your explanation, but I would like to keep this thread up for a couple of days, in order to find if somebody else had the same situation.

Again, many thanks for your helpful answer.


You are welcome Radu.

I remembered Rob's recent post with a relevant bug matching this behavior & here it goes from Rob. ( +5 ) to Rob .


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Good Morning Radu,

I checked in my Lab CUCM & with 9951 SIP phone with Firmware sip9951.9-2-2 , it works as you wanted. i.e. Missed call notification stays ON, no matter if you make another call etc. It is not cleared unless you check them specifically in missed call list / Directory.

So as the bug pointed, it appears to be an issue mainly with 7900 series phones & other series seems to have got around it.

My 2 cents !!

Hope it helps.


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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Radu,

It's due to this Firmware Bug/Enhancement back in the 8.0 versions

CSCta01036 - Missed Calls info is erased from phone display on New Call event



Missed Calls information is erased from phone display on a New Call event


There are many missed calls on a phone and before user could actually see the missed calls, some other call event like another call or Voice mail happens.




1st Found-in:                          (1)




Last Modified:

Sep 22,2009


Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series




6 - enhancement




Hello all,

Thank you, Gajanan, and Rob as well, for your help and support offered with your posts.

I understood the point, in that this behavior is for the new series of Cisco IP Phones, at least in SIP firmware, and possible with SCCP as well.

Gajnan, thank you for your effort in testing with the SIP firmware. Also, I understood that for the 7900 series, at a point of time existed a version of SCCP firmware / phoneload which had this behavior.

Rob, thank you for your helpful post. Please if possible, can you detail what 8.0(0.32271.3) means: is it a firmware release / phoneload?

I opened this thread because the Cisco IP phones 7945G and 7965G from one of my Customer had this behaviour, at that time the CUCM version being 6.1(2), and Cisco IP phones work on SCCP. What I would like to find out is this SCCP firmware / phoneload release that had the behavior my Customer wants.

Before contacting the CAM to ask for an Enhancement Request, I need an reference on how to obtain this release of SCCP firmware / phoneload.

Many thanks in advance for your helpful posts.

All my best,


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