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Missed Calls

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Level 1

Having a sparatic issues to where my subscribers sometimes see missed calls on there phone but never heard the phone ring. Most recent issue was I had lost power and had to restart all my services and nodes so I will recheck that. But this was happening prior to that. Are there some services I need to verify are runnign or restart perhaps.

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Start by mentioning what products you use, and the call flows see that problem.

And I think you mean "sporadic"



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Andrew Skelly
Level 7
Level 7

Howdy, Heath.  Have you pulled the CDR for one of the missed calls to see what is happening?  When they have one of these calls where they do not hear the phone ring is it happening when they are their desk (silly question I know) and if so do they see their phone flash to indicate a call?  Do they turn their ringer volume down all the way?

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Sorry for the late post telework poster and didnt have my System information. I have been researching other post and it seems that it may be the phone firmware. 


Im running CUCM

All 78XX are running 12-6-1


I notice or received email about 12.8 release and will roll to that to see if this resolves my issue. I believe I saw a rollback notice for 12.6 couple months back.

Jon Hartley
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What phone models and firmware versions?


78XX models running  some versions of 12.6 firmware are known to have an intermittent issue with not ringing for incoming calls:


Soon as I saw your post on this I was pretty sure I had this firmware after my CUCM update. I also recalled the roll back notice to not use this but was unable to roll or update my firmware. 

Ibrahim Shaik
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Level 1

I have simiar problem too no phone ring, I have recently upgraded the phones firmware for 78XX and 88XX to 12.7(1).

Do you know what is the fix other than Cisco bug CSCvr54598.

CUCM version: 11.5.1(SU6).

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Level 1

CuCM 12.5 SU1 - Device: Cisco 7841  running firmware: sip78xx-12-7-1-001-393 - I am experiencing this exact same issue.  Inbound calls from other Cisco desk phones or from PSTN (thru local VGW) intermittently do not ring.  Not a volume issue, and above link for CSCvr54598 says that this is fixed.  Its not fixed on this call manager cluster.