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Mobile Connect Routed Calls are not logged in "all calls" on initial phone (CP-8861)

Hello All,

My environment is :

a. CUCM 10.5

b. CP-8861 phones

c. sip88xx.12-8-1-0001-455 

d. Mobile Connect  Configured for users with remote destination 

Mobile Connect, Phones etc. all are working great. My issue is "all call" logging. If Mobile Connection is enabled on the users desk phone(CP-8861), incoming calls that are routed to the configured "remote destination" (cell phone) are not logged on the CP-8861. Because I am hiding employee's DID Caller ID behind the main office number, forwarded Mobile Connection calls also just show caller ID of the main office number. If the caller hangs up there is no way to know who had called. At one time the employee could go back to their desk phone and the "all call" log would show the caller ID of the routed call and they could follow up that way. At some point, these routed calls ceased to be logged on the phone. I have also noticed that calls on any phone that is "Forward all" to another phone do not log any calls that are forwarded. are there configuration options on the line I have missed as far as forwarded call logging?

Any advise would be appreciated!

Adam Pawlowski
VIP Advocate

I don’t believe there is any such thing with forwarding. The line isn’t forwarded at the set, so it is not presented to it to log the call. Mobile connect I would have thought count as a missed call at the set - I will have to take a look at this myself. Thanks for the heads up!

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