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Mobility issues, Call Manager does not recognize call disconnected from mobile device


Call Manager version 8.0.3, users are configured with Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator devices with Mobility Identity.

We get users complain on occasion that there line on the desk phone stays lite and they can no longer call from the mobile device back into any number that terminates to one of our voice gateways. The only way to clear the problem is to go to the mobile identity, erase the mobile number, save, and then re-enter the mobile number. That clears the line and allows the users to call back into our offices. It seems as though Call Manager does not recognize a call on the mobile device has been terminated. We usually get 2-3 users a week who experience this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Thank you


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What type of PSTN connectivity do you have? The Unified Mobility features require out-of-band signaling to know that the far end has terminated the call.

From the features and services guide:

Mobile Connect features do not get supported for T1 CAS, FXO, FXS and BRI.

If you do have a supported circuit such as a PRI, do you see the far end disconnect come through? A 'debug isdn q931' would shed some light on this.


All of our sites are connected via PRI to the PSTN. Unfortunately I don't know when the problem occurs as I get notification after the mobile device is having an issue so doing the debug may not be helpful as i run into the problem only a couple times a week, at least that I know of.

As for the out of band signaling, I cannot access the "features and services guide" as I am not a parnter so if you could give direction on where to check for that, I would appreciate it.



Oops. Whenever that happens just pull /partner out of the URL. I try to do it when pasting but forget sometimes. Otherwise that was my only idea. Hopefuly others have others to give you hand. It sounds like a good old fashioned bug to me though. Do you have an ESW contract that you can call TAC with?

sean Riley

We have just come across this problem.  Running same version of Call Manager 8.0.3.  We were using Remote Destination profiles for Mobility, but after starting to run Cisco Jabber on the iPhone, we set up the Mobile Identity as instructed in the Admin guide.  Seems that sometime after the TCT device is registered in Call Manager and then moving off of the corporate network to the mobile carrier, calls to the office fail.  The Cisco phone in the office rings, but when the call is answered you get a message from the mobile carrier about the call failing.  Simply doing an "Apply Config" on the TCT device gets it working again, but this is a big headache when you can't call the office from the mobile carrier network.

I assume this is a bug.  I found Bug CSCti23620 that seems to be close.  Has anyone confirmed this is fixed in the version listed?

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