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modify alerting / called number appearance


Hello Community,

VP is asking me if it's possible to make the alerting/dialed number on our Cisco phones' LCD appear "easier to read" with placement of dashes. For example, when dialing outbound I will see 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx on the screen. Is this even possible? I've attached a picture.

Thanks in advance,


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What signalization are you using? [h.323, mgcp, sip]


Hi Michal,

We are using MGCP, Call Manager 7.1.5.



Hmm, MGCP, limts the number of options we have here... and none of tthose left is exactly what you described above, so please decide if any of this meets your goals:

1) We can use our JTAPI caller identification (CLID module of 2Ring IPPS), which is completely under our control, and which will allow us to modify the form of the displayed number as well so it would include the dashes - and if desired, even the name and surname of the called party and even some other information that you decide to have there. The side effect of this is that this info is sent to the phone as a text message that is shown on top of the call's information - which means that the user is not able to use soft keys (to transfer the call, setup a conference) until s/he exits from the screen showing the additional information (message)

Now I thought of another way to show the number in a desired way – though this will show it on the user’s desktop:

2) Users that are looking for this feature can deploy a special application on their desktops. We call it DesktopCLIP (it is also part of 2Ring IPPS) which will popup info about the called party - and can also show the called number with dashes.

Please let me know if any of this would work for you. We can do any of the above by simply configuring our 2Ring IPPS (IP Phone Services) - so a 3rd party app. Of course, if you are willing to switch your PSTN trunks to H.323, we might be able to build a TCL script that would modify the signalization directly (and thus do exactly what your VP asked for), but we would have to test this before we commit (it is definitely possible for incoming calls, but we would need to test it for outgoing)...


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