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MoH & Transfer from PSTN and to PSTN problem in CUCM

Level 1
Level 1



We have CUCM 11.5 => SIP Trunk => 4321 Voice Gateway => BRI => PSTN


When I make a call from the cisco sip phone to the PSTN, MoH works to the PSTN and also I am able to transfer the call from a cisco phone to another cisco phone successfully.


When I make a call from the PSTN to a cisco sip phone and I press the hold button at the cisco phone the caller from the PSTN hears a double beep and not the MoH. Additionally when I transfer the call to another cisco phone I hear the double beep till transfer is pressed twice and the receiver picks up the call and then nothing happens, I hear dead air.


Can someone help me?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Two different issues here. One with MOH and then with audio. Is it one-way audio or is it no audio at all ? Who is the MOH source ? IOS or CUCM ? Multicast or Unicast ?

It is no audio at all.

MoH is the CUCM Sub and then Pub and it is Unicast.


Can you grab logs for the following debugs ? Let me know the calling, called and if you do a transfer, the redirecting number as well.

debug ccsip message
debug ccsip error
debug voice ccapi inout
debug isdn q931

Attach a "show run" as well. While the call is active, grab the following a couple of times repeatedly -

show voip rtp connection
show call active voice compact
show call active voice brief