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MoH doesn´t work on PSTN


I have a problem with MoH in CUCM 8.0.3

To hold someone locally is working with moh

but to hold someone thourgh PSTN is not working the moh. I hear silence.

I checked the phone have correct MRGL with MRG (MTP software and MoH)

Enabled several codecs (G711, G729) in service parameters

Gateway H323 2811 with 2xPRI

Any help??


Just to let u know, I do have the same setup where MOH streams as a multicast off the voice gateway 3825 H3.23 protocol with image file system off 12.4

Go to the gateway and perform the following:

·         Do show flash

·         Make sure u have the wave file on flash

·         Do show run | include MOH

·         Make sure u have the following command

·         MOH file name. Wave

·         multicast MOH port 16384 route server Multicast server IP address

·         make sure u have the proper Media resources group and group list setup on Call Manager for each sites

·         Finally Make sure u have proper MOH server setup on CCM



FYI, MoH audio file is base in CUCM, not in GW

It´s strange because When I remove MRG-MoH from MRGL.

Internal calls on hold hear a beep

and PSTN callers hear a beep

But If I add MRG-MoH in MRGL ,

Internal calls on hold hear MoH

and PSTN callers onhold hear silence


I have exactly the same issue; when pointing to MTP on the router MoH don't work when on CUCM it works

How did you manage to solve it...what version did you go to and do you have a bug ID?


I encountered this issue with a CUBE running 15.1(4)M2.  Unicast MoH was not playing, just dead air.  When a call was placed on hold, a 'sh call active voice brief' indicated that the connected enpoint was "", and packet counter was not incrementing.  Per the bug "CSCtl21854", there are 2 workarounds, a) disable CEF on the gateway, or b) enable Duplex streaming on CUCM.

I probably could have gotten away with disabling CEF, but I didn't feel too great about it.  So I went with option B, and that seems to have resolved the issue.  There do not appear to be any ill effects from this, but if anyone knows of any caveats, I'd appreciate hearing them. 


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