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More trouble converting Enterprise to MPP (88xx)

I posted another thread not long ago concerning issues converting Enterprise licenses on 88xx series phones to MPP licenses and you all helped me get it sorted using the DHCP option. Now I’m attempting to assist the customer who owns these phones to apply this conversion to all phones using their CUCM platform, but we’re running into a snag. I’m following the CUCM bulk conversion guide at but instead of looking for the firmware files at it’s looking on the CUCM and not finding them. I’m setting the Load Server to, checking the Override box, and setting Load Name to that found in the guide. Am I missing a step?


CUCM is still version 10.5 and the phones are currently on the Enterprise firmware 12.6.1. Is the CUCM version possibly too old?


Thanks for whatever help you can provide!!

Geovani Goncalves
Cisco Employee


What load name are you setting it to? 

What is the current state of the phone? is it still registered? 


What load name are you setting it to? -- sip88xx.TLexE2M-11-3-3C-369

What is the current state of the phone? -- Sorry, not sure if understand what you mean. The phone is on Enterprise FW 12.6.1, working with CUCM, no known problems or errors.

is it still registered? -- Yes, it is still registered to CUCM. 

Geovani Goncalves
Cisco Employee


I know it says on the instructions to skip to step 12, if you are running  12.5(1)SR2 or higher, but can you try following steps 8 to 11 as well? 

Have you had a look at the logs? 

Also, have you followed the steps outlined here

Do you know if the phone have access to the public internet? Are they being able to reach


Overview on how to migrate your enterprise phones to MPP and then register to Webex Calling. The series will show an actual migration, admin steps, and what ...

I will ask the customer to try steps 8-11, we didn't try earlier because we thought the firmware version didn't require it but it's a good idea to try. Unfortunately the customer is a couple hours away from me and I'm not scheduled to be back onsite for a while so I have to work on this remotely so responses may be a bit delayed.


I did follow those steps outlined in the video.


The phones can reach the internet and the logs are actually what led me to what I believe might be the issue. I don't think the Load Server is actually being updated on the phones when I attempt the changes in the guide and video. I wish I'd taken a copy of the logs while at the customer's location, but nowhere in the logs do I show the phones actually attempting to reach, it shows it's attempting to download the TLexE2M load file from the CUCM's private IP address. Absolutely no mention of is made in the logs and when looking at the web UI on the phones the TFTP Server remains set as the CUCM IP, and I assume this is where I should see the upgrader FQDN. Even if that's not where it should appear in the web UI, that FQDN doesn't appear anywhere in the config that I can see.


Is there somewhere inside CUCM that can prevent that override checkbox from actually applying to phones, sort of an "override for the override"?

I'm not sure if there is somewhere on CUCM that can prevent the override checkbox. The steps followed should work. 

Do the phones have a valid dns server configured, which can resolve ? 

How many phones do you have to convert? might be worth trying the manual migration?


Code-based activation

  1. Press the Applications button 


     and select Admin Settings -> Network/Ethernet Setup -> IPv4 Setup
  2. Set Alternate TFTP to On/Yes and configure TFTP Server 1 to
  3. Select Apply
  4. Select Erase when prompted that a Trust List is installed on the phone.

There are more than 500 phones to convert, so I think we're going to have to go the DHCP route if we can't make CUCM work. I did not actually verify that the DNS server can resolve that address, however I did put my laptop on that same VLAN and had no problems getting out to the internet or resolving other addresses with DHCP-provided DNS. When I saw that the phones were making no mention of in the logs nor was that address in the phone's web UI I started focusing that direction.

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