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Moving IP Phones between clusters (firmware issue)

Hi there.

We have 3 clusters (LAb\STAGING\LIVE).

I have just today moved an C7965G from our LAB Cluster and pointed it to the STAGING cluster.

It is trying to do a firmware upgrade, but keeps erroring starighta way and trhen tries and reboots.

Any ideas?

The Ip Phone initially had the folloiwng firmware version:-

- SCCP45.9-0-2SR1S (on the LAB cluster)

I uploaded this version onto the STAGING cluster, then pointe dthis phone to the STAGING clsuter but keep getting the IP Phone trying to upgrade the Firmware and failing.



Did you check the Staging cluster's default firmware load for the device type? Also, check the firmware load parameter on the device itself. If needed you can set the device parameter to a different value than the system default.

One of the above parameters is specifying a different firmware then what the phone has currently loaded. That is why the phone is attempting an "upgrade" or downgrade.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Thanks for reply Bill.

The Default Device paramater in the StagINg cluster for this device (C7965) is now at the same level as the one in the LAB cluster, so the C7965 should not even try and upgrade I would have thought.

The foirnware on the 7965 was SCCP in LAB cluster. I have now set the default in the STAGE cluster to same version for SIP and SCCP. We have the auto regsitartion paramater set to SIP. Would this cause an issue?

I can't ping the IP address of the phoen at any point from my this an issue?

Bigger Picture:-

- I am uber new to the company, so don't know the clusters as yet

- I am in a lab room where all the LAB equipment is located (IP Phones, L2 switch and L3 switch etc)

- The IP Phone was regsiteted on the LAB equipemnt originally and had a SCCP firmware on it

At this point, I can ping the IP address of the IP Phone

- I needed to get an IP Phone onto the STAGE cluster (while in same room)

- So, created a scope with a reservation for my IP Phone and pointed that to the STAGE Cluster - Option 150 etc)

- Rebooted IP Phone. Phone picked up all the correct domaina nd TFTP server settinsg etc but did not Auto-Register

- Performed a Factory Reset on IP Phone

Now can't PING the IP Phone and it keeps looping trying to find\load firmware (term65.default) and fails at 1st step on 0%

I am unsure what to do :-)


From older firmware, you need to do a step upgrade to 8.5.2 before moving to newer firmware.  If the firmware currently on the phone is lower than 8.5.2, and you're moving to 8.5.2SR1 or higher, please try upgrading the phone(s) to 8.5.2 as an interim step.  The cert signing was changed around this release, which is why the issue is seen.


Resolved :-)

It as down to our OPS guiys not putting in DG on Scope for reservation for IP Phones.....

It's all now good.

Tnaks everyone.