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Multi party video conferencing over DX650 and Jabber

Ajay Wadhwani


What would be the requirements from the Cisco BE6000 if I would like to have multi-party video conferencing using Cisco BE6000? Would I still require a TelePresence Server (virtual or dedicated) along with the TelePresence Conductor? The endpoints which I would be using is the DX650 and Jabber client (UC/video/IM).


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Yes you need some bridging resource. You could do PVDM3 but wouldn’t recommend since it is voice switching only, no BFCP support

Hence either look at v TS on BE6K ( 8 or 16 HD port templates) or standalone MCU like MM310/320. Both need conductor but as long as it’s one MCU you can use the free version

If the use case is more personal multi party bridging where you set up individual conference alias with a maximum of 4 per bridge(limited to 720p) then go to CUWL PRO and you will v TS licensing included, just provide v CPU. You can even have multiple v TS if you need the scale and manage all of them by a conductor and the conductor licensing in that case is also included to manage multiple MCU as long as the resources are strictly dedicated for personal multi party and not shared for other purposes like scheduled conferencing

Remember TMS cannot book resources managed by a conductor today

Srini Kilambi

Hi Srini,

My Bill of Material includes CUWL Pro licenses (these are for the management who would be getting the DX650 phones), and these are the very same management staff who would want to have multiparty video conferencing over DX650 and Jabber endpoints. From the ISP perspective, the customer is going in for 1 ISDN PRI with 30 channels... therefore, it seems that I would require a minimum of 30 PVDMs. In such a scenario, what do you propose (I mean the number of PVDMs) for having a 4 or 6 way multi party conference using Jabber and DX650?

Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.


In that case you should not look at PVDM since you already have the licensing for personal multi party and v TS licensing for every user to have a 4 party bridge



But the BE6000 is a medium density C220 server which can have only 4 applications and 1 management. In my scenario, i would be utilising 2 cores for CUCM, 2 for Unity Connection, 1 for Presence and 1 for Prime Collaboration, leaving me with no resources for TS.

I have the option of using CUWL Pro but is there any use if I dont have the necessary resources (vCPU) on my BE6K server?


You cannot get everything on one MD server :-) You need to have a second one MD or HD server depending on how many ports you want out of your v TS design. Cisco is positioning the HD server primarily for video deployments for putting v TS and TMS/TMSPE/XE/Conductor.

Or look at standalone MM310/320/5300 series

Please correct me if I am wrong... we can have TP (multiparty communication) using PVDM but as you mentioned that the PVDMs are much more for voice communication, it would be much more wise to have an additional HD server with virtual servers like Expressway - Edge, Expressway - Core, TP server (8 core for 4 full HD, 8 HD, 16 SD multiparty communications), TP Conductor, and TPMS.

Could you please explain the downfalls of using PVDM rather than a dedicated server for such an instance please?

Thanks alot for your help.

I listed it above, scalability, long term feature support, extra costs you need PVDM3-128 or higher and there are caveats on homogenous versus hetrogenous you need to look at. It is in the PVDM guide.No cascading either.

"You could do PVDM3 but wouldn’t recommend since it is voice switching only, no BFCP support"

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