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Gordon Ross

Multiline Jabber COP

I see that Jabber 12.0 is out with support for multi-line. Does anyone know where the COP is to add this support to CallManager?

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Maren Mahoney

Jabber 12 is still in the Early Adopter Program. I believe you need to join the EAP to get the COP file.


Start here:

All the clients are now available via and users with Android & Apple devices are getting the updates automatically.



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Ah! I was unaware that Jabber 12 had been released.


The COP file is part of the Cisco Jabber for Windows Admin download from the Cisco Software download site. The specific COP file you are looking for is:  cmterm-jabber-desktop-eight-Lines.k3.cop.sgn

It is in the "", which can be downloaded from the "Jabber Software-12.0(0)" area.

Is Multiline only supported on Windows not MAC?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I thought I read MAC supports Multiline, however, it doesn't work on my MAC but it does on Windows.

Jabber Multiline is supported on Macs. In addition to the COP file, you will need Jabber 12 for Mac. Are you registering direct to CUCM or are you going through Expressway?

Connecting directly to the Network. Same as the windows machine. Jabber Windows and Jabber MAC are both on 12.0. I do see the additional lines grayed out on the Jabber Windows when connected via Expressway as expected. However, I don't see any additional grayed out lines (expressway) or active lines (enterprise) depending on how I am connected.

Maren....Do you know if Jabber 12 and multiline is working using Expressway?

Jabber 12.1 supports this.

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Thank you

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Hello Jamie,

I have installed this before in my cucm 12.0 lab and it worked .

I decided to install it in cucm 11.5 su3 but it is not working.i uploaded the cop file to the tftp. I added second directory but the two lines are not showing in jabber for windows destop

I think I am missing something.can u put me on the right track?


I have finally fixed.To install cop file,use sftp server .Then log into cucm is,select software upgrade / install .Restart cucm and it would work

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