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Multiple Cluster Corporate Directory

I have 4 separate call manager clusters, running from Version 4.1 to 8.0 and I am wondering how I would go about integrating the corporate directories between the clusters. AD integration is not an option because each cluster corresponds with a different company, so we do not want to share AD information between them. We do already have the inter cluster trunks in place and the routeing is working so if you know the extension you would like to call on a remote cluster you can dial it, but you cannot search the directory on your phone.

So is this possible, or do I just need to manually add the entries in each clusters corporate directory? Is there any way to automate this?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

As far as I know you cannot do this since the corporate directory will pull from the end users on the call manager cluster, so you'd have to see all users on each cluster.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has found a way around this, possibly by hosting a custom corporate directory on another server (directory server).

Sascha Monteiro
Frequent Contributor

can do on a separate server

Ray Watkins

You can host a directory file on a web server that includes users from all clusters.

To build on what Ray mentioned.

It is possible to query a different directory by creating your own script hosted on a web server. After you had this set up you would change
"URL Directories", in CCMAdmin -> System -> Enterprise Parameters, to point to the URL of the script on the web server.  

Jason Wiatr

i have used an application from where I had a need to provide a single directory between 2 clusters. In fact the solution was also expanded to connect to the customers LDAP external directory and report from that location too (separate LDAP was for external shops etc). The solution worked really well, it had the same look and feel as the standard Cisco directories button and the users never noticed other than they could now get the numbers they were looking for. Was really easy to install on a basic machine. Worth looking at some of the other things they do (was impressed that I could now upgrade from CCM4 to CUCM6 using their applications as they had a process of recovering the extension mobility pins whereas normally during the upgrade they are lost (and set to a default causing a big security risk)). Hope this helps

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