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Multiple SIP Trunks between CCM7 and CCM9

I am trying to setup 2 separate SIP Trunks between an old CCM7 cluster and a new CCM 9 cluster. My objective is, when I migrate CCM7 phones to CCM9, they will still route out the PRI's/GW's registered with CCM7, so I need to still route calls from site A out the primary GW's in location A. We have 3 main sites that contain PRI's. I am also trying to utilize the Standard Local Route Group features in the DP as well. With one SIP trunk this all works. The CCM7 trunk inbound CSS is set to access the route group associated with the corresponding site. When I add a second SIP Trunk (using a separate SIPT security profile), it fails. It doesnt matter if I use Standard Local Route Group or whether I route directly to a route list. It seems that the second SIPT is never established. Is this even possible? If so, what is the trick?

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You will need to build a

You will need to build a second SIP trunk to another port other than the 5060 you are probably using already.

I would look at your dial plan and the strategy of what you are trying to accomplish first, this is likely due to something really weird you are attempting to make happen.

Also your gateways should be happy taking invite messages from both systems as long as you have return dial-peers for the number ranges involved.


Thanks C. Schrachta,I did

Thanks C. Schrachta,

I did build the second SIPT using port 5070.

I am trying to get calls over SIPT(5060), from Site A, so that I can use an inbound CSS on the CCM7 trunk to use PRI's from Site A. The second SIPT (5070) will be for Site B, with an inbound CSS on the CCM7 trunk to use PRI's from Site B.

It is a weird design, as I was hoping to have a new SIP service provider on the new CCM9 side, which isn't happening for now, so I need to get calls out the MGCP GW's registered with CCM7 from the CCM9 side.

I tried this with intercluster trunks too, which did not work either.

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