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Muting/Unmuting IP Phone/CSF Device/Cisco Jabber Client Application


Hello team,

I use Cisco TSP via TAPI to monitor Cisco IP Phones and CSF devices for 3rd party call control.


I have a requirement to provide a mechanism to mute/unmute the phone, CSF device/Cisco Jabber desktop client application.


I see Cisco TSP provides 'pass-through' mechanism for sending XML to the phone, via phoneDevSpecific and CCiscoPhoneDevSpecificDataPassThrough to mute/unmute the IP Phone. This works fine for IP Phone but does not work for CSF device. I am using CSF device in Cisco Jabber client desktop application as a soft phone.


I have the following questions and need some help if it can be achievable:


Question-1: Is it possible to mute/unmute CSF device via 'pass-through' mechanism?


Questions-2: If it is not possible to mute/unmute CSF device via 'pass-through' mechanism then is there any other API to achieve the same?


Question-3: Is there any API to mute/unmute Cisco Jabber Client application remotely?


Question-4: I see Cisco Jabber SDK for Web that comes up with cwic.js which runs in a browser. This API appears to provide mute/unmute desk phone and softphone feature but I guess it requires end user authentication to make it work and is specific to the Web browser, right?

Many thanks !!! highly appreciated

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert

As this line of question is related to API and how to use these it would be advisable to head over to DevNet to ask about this.

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Will do, thanks.

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