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MWI via QSIG Issues

Level 1
Level 1

I have followed the CCO docs to integrate an Avaya S8700 via QSIG PRI to UCM. I have Unity 5.0 integrated via SCCP but cannot get MWI accross the QSIG PRI to work. Besides the UCM Service parameters noted in the docs, are there any other parameters that need to be set? Has anyone been successful with this setup?

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Level 5
Level 5

this can be done. there are quite a few changes required on the Avaya side to support qsig based MWI.

I did make this work with CUCM 6.1.2 integrated to a S8700 via MGCP controlled PRIs.

I think the key is in what's called 'QSIG TSC' on the Avaya side. Also you need to configure the Avaya station for 'qsi-mwi'.

I can't help you any more, because I wasn't responsible for the Avaya piece of this integration. The Avaya tech who did this integrate was extremely knowledgable on Avaya and it still took quite a bit of programming time.

Please review the attached Avaya document. Hope it helps, good luck.

Thanks for the information. I do have this set on the Avaya side, but it seems to be a problem when Unity sends an MWIon to the extension that its not getting routed across the Qsig PRI. I cannot see the MWIon request when I do a debug isdn q931, and I know my CSS, partitions, etc are correct.


You should definitely be seeing the MWI messages in a q931 debug.

Double check that your MWI on/off numbers have a CSS that can reach the route pattern that points to the QSIG PRI.

The route pattern should match the Unity subscriber extension or MWI number.


Just following up on this string to see if you ever got this working and if so what was your issues? I have having the same issue not lighting MWI but we have the calls rolling into VM but I cannot lite the light on the avaya phone side.

Avaya s8700 >>>QSIG>>>>>CCM 7>>>>Unity 7