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MWI within a huntgroup

I am running CME 9.1 with CUE 8.6.6. I'm having a problem with a huntgroup and email.

I have an extension, 8256, that is published and cannot be changed for our Maintenance Shop. In this shop I have 5 phones and one SIP device that I use as a night ringer. The SIP device must have a unique extension to work. So I assigned unique extensions (7063, 7064, etc) to each of the devices and setup the following hunt-group:

voice hunt-group 1 parallel

final 7999

list 7061,7062,7064,7066,7065

timeout 20

pilot 8256

7999 is my voicemail extension. This works great, except there is no MWI. The voicemail ends up in the box for 8256, and as this isn't assigned to any of the phones, they never get notified. Is it possible to have MWI show up on more than one DN? Or can I assign 8256 as a second DN on each phone except the SIP night ringer? The phones are all 8945 with SIP

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MWI within a huntgroup

Hi Daniel,

Maybe you could leverage this CUE config & move the mailbox to one of the "Shop"

numbers and add 8256 as a secondary number in CUE under xxxx (one of 7061 etc.)

It   is possible to have up to two numbers in the same Cisco Unity Express   (CUE) User profile. Configure the first number as the Cisco Unity   Express User Primary Extension, and the other number as the Primary   E.164 number. However, only two Cisco Unified Communications Manager   Express extensions are allowed to share the same mailbox in the Cisco   Unity Express voicemail.

From this good Q&A doc;

Place one ext in the primary ext field, and the other in the E.164 field

phonenumber - Specifies a number or extension for this user. No spaces or dashes are allowed.

phonenumberE164 - Specifies a telephone number with area code for this user. No spaces or dashes are allowed.


se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 create

se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 phonenumber 50180

se-10-0-0-0(config)# username user3 phonenumberE164 13335550180

From this good doc;



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MWI within a huntgroup

Thanks rob, good to know about this

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