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MX300 Gen2 won't register to UCM [485 ambigious]

I'v just installed a MX300Gen2 which will not register to UCM.

Running UCM and just installed the latest Device Pack to be sure.

There's allready a SX20 registered to the UCM. MX300 is almost exactly the same but keeps giving Failed: 485 Ambigious and I don't know why.

Though that there was perhaps a difference in device type between MX300 and MX300Gen2 but the Dev-Pack should have solved it (still seeing just one).

Difference between SX20 and MX300Gen2 is that the SX20 is running TC6.3.0 and the MX300Gen2 is running TC7.0.2

Please advise

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Level 7

This community does not provide technical support and is not staffed with technical support experts. I recommend you post this and future technical support questions to the Cisco Support Community ( where our Cisco technical support experts provide assistance. Another option is to open a ticket with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center ( to get expert debugging assistance.

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We hope to hear from you again.

Kelli Glass

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