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MX700 not working and displaying "maintenance mode "

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Level 1

can someone give the solution to fix this issue?


Resetting the codec will fix the issue?

Let me know what action i need to take to fix the issue.

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

"Starting from release TC5.1.0 a maintenance mode was added to the TelePresence software. This mode will kick in when a codec fails to boot or, in later releases, when a codec crashes. The user or engineer gets presented with a reduced set of commands to troubleshoot the system to determine whether the system is suffering a hardware or a software failure"


Please check the following post:




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MX700 is running in ce 9.5.0 version, for this also same?  


Maintenance mode will kick in when it fails to boot?


What is exact reason for this Maintenance mode error?



It could be hardware partitioning or corrupt software image issue as well.

Do not try factory reset in first instance.

First Try to switch version if you are getting that option and if switch version works then download a new firmware (same or latest , depends upon you ) from and upload it and then check if it resolves your issue.


Before doing all this please download the complete logs from the unit in case you need to open TAC case.


If above does not work then try factory reset and if that did not help as well the raise a case wioth Cisco for RMA :-)



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