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NEC SV 8500 SIP Connection with Cisco



We are doing SIP trunk integration  between Cisco  call manager and NEC SV 8500. From NEC we are able to call Cisco user but one way speech ( Cisco user can hear NEC  voice)  but from Cisco we are not able to call NEC.

Can anyone help me on this issue

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Is there a CUBE involved here, or is it direct integration from CUCM to NEC?

Is there a firewall or NATing taking place between the systems?

Is IP routing configured correctly to the NEC network?

Does DNA should the call as sucessful on CUCM side? Is configuration adequte on NEC side to accept the call?

Its direct integation from CUCM to NEC

Yes all communication is going thru firewall

Besides what Vivek suggests in the duplicate thread, make sure you have proper SIP ports (5060 UDP/TCP) opened bi-directionally as well as the UDP RTP range.

Hi Gohar,

We recommend you delete 1 of the 2 posts since it's the same question posted 2x.

Either delete this one or the other one:

Vivek Batra
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Duplicate of;

- Vivek

Dear Batra

Could you please help me to solved this issue.


I am waiting for inputs for the question I asked before in duplicate thread;

Probably if you resolve second issue, first issue should also get resolved unless there is some network issue.

CUCM by default uses delayed offer which most of the PBX don't like. Either enable the SIP early offer under SIP Profile in CUCM OR share the SIP traces to know what's going on.

You should also check the other points asked by Chris.

- Vivek

Hi Vivek

Please find attached trace file. System detail is below


IP address: ( CPU IP address)

SIP trunk : port 5060

user:             51577


call manager

User                 566

From NEC we are dialing  access code +extension ( 815+566)

Can you please recheck the logs, i am not able to unzip it.

- Vivek

Dear Batra

Please find log files in .txt formats

The call doesn't exist in the trace. Calling number 51577 and called number 815566 doesnt exist.

Please collect the logs again and check the log that your call is present before sending it here to avoid wasting time..

You can refer to this document to understand how to collect cucm logs correctly..

Please rate all useful posts

Deji is right. Please follow his instructions and do the needful.

- Vivek

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