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Need Assistance with New SIP to replace PRI

I have a configuration question.

We are installing a new SIP solution provided by Verizon to replace our current PRI setup.

We received a CUBE ISR4331 from Verizon but it is not configured and I am not clear on how to connect and configure it.

We currently connect to Verizon MPLS via a 2911 Router.

My questions are:

Do I need to connect 2 interfaces (LAN/WAN) from the CUBE to the network or just 1 and a loopback?

Do I need to configure dial-peers on the 2911 router or just the CUBE?

I have been using this discussion as reference but am unclear as to which situation best describes mine.

I have attached a diagram of the network. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.



Samuel T Mathai

What you need to check both ITSP and CUCM/local Network is reachable from the CUBE. In your picture seems correct which is it connected in LAN. Make sure the CUBE is reachable from MPLS router. That means from your mpls router you need ping those CUBE router. Yes you need to configure dial-peers for outgoing and incoming from the ITSP & from the CUCM.

Thanks Samuel. I will do that.

Dennis Mink


in general when implementing a SIP solution on a CUBE, you will need to work together with your provider, Verizon most likely has configuration guidelines on who to integrate their service with a Cisco CUBE, I believe this should be your starting point.

Re. dial peers, there is no one size fits all. I typically work with separate dial peers sets:  incoming & outgoing   in both directions, so at least 4 dial peers in total. This will allow you a high level of control in terms of digit manipulation from Verizon and calls going to Verizon.

You might want to consider sharing your cube config, so we can help you out configuring it further.


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Unfortunately Verizon is being less than helpful and only providing us an example config that is totally inapplicable to our network. Thank you for your feedback regarding the dial peers. If/When I get Verizon to assist, I will share my cube config.

Ryan Huff

Hi Jason,

It may be tough to get the sort of substantial help it sounds like you may need, from this forum.

The answers to your questions don't have a black/white answer, you can configure things however you like, based on your business requirements, implementation and design objectives. Without fully understanding the technology, it will be difficult for you to glean effective assistance through half-duplex media like an Internet forum, for the ground-up configuration of CUBE W/SIP over MPLS.

If its a material issue for you to complete this on a deadline, I'd suggest contacting Cisco Gold Partner for configuration help and assistance (your Cisco AM can provide references in or near your area).

If you have the time to complete this at your leisure I would start with this list of resources;

  • And probably the most relevant to you for this project: Verizon SIP Trunking (Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5.2 with Cisco  Unified Border Element  [CUBE 11.0.0  – IOS - XE 3.15] on ISR 4K using SIP)

While I won't be able to provide you ground-up deployment assistance through this forum, I am more than happy to answer questions, look at debugs and t-shoot trouble scenarios.

To that end, the answers to your you questions above;

  • Do I need to connect 2 interfaces (LAN/WAN) from the CUBE to the network or just 1 and a loopback? Typically, you will have an interface that talks to the outside of the border and an interface that talks to the inside of the border (I emphasise the word border because that is what its essentially doing, providing a border between your inside network and the providers network. However, in your drawing, it appears that it would work as-is, although all traffic would flow through one interface.
  • Do I need to configure dial-peers on the 2911 router or just the CUBE? Typically, your carrier facing dial-peers would be configured on the CUBE router. If however, you are going to keep your 2911 in-play, it can be configured as a MGCP / h.323 / SIP gateway and/or used for IOS MTP sessions (if you use MTP) or Transcoder (if you have the DSP to spare and if you need a transcoder).



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Thanks Ryan. That was very helpful.

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