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Need help blocking call on CME 8.6

Michael Durham

Last night I received a call at 10:20:28pm from a caller that I want blocked.  The caller ID on the IP phone was just a zero but I do know the real caller ID number of that person.  How can I block calls from this number in Call Manager Express 8.6?  I tried using the Calling-number block but that does not work since the Caller ID is a zero.  Somehow I need to block the ANI number but I am not totally sure if that too is being passed by my SIP provider.


Please let me know what reports you need me to post.


Thank You,



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Nadeem Ahmed
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can do it using translation with reject with a value you are receiving in ANI and can be applied on the dial-peer so that if that number matches phones system will reject the call.



Nadeem Ahmed

Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.

I have that set up but I am not sure if the number is coming through.  I think they are *69 before calling which blocks Caller ID.  It should not block ANI/Called From.  I have looked at my voice call history but cannot find anything.

From what I can see in the call logs its coming in as a zero.


  This is my account # with the SIP provider.


I guess the SIP provider must be stripping the ANII info.


Thanks for the suggestions.



Hi Michael,

Like Nadeem said you can achieve this using voice translation reject, here's a quick example:


router(config)#voice translation-rule 1

router(config-xxx)#rule 1 reject /4855553538/
router(config-xxx)#rule 2 reject /4805557904/

router(config)#voice translation-profile BlockedNumbers

router(config-xxx)#translate calling 1


router(config)#dial-peer voice 10 pots           (Your incoming dial-peer)

router(config-dial-peer)#call-block translation-profile incoming BlockedNumbers


Hope it helps!


P.S. Did a little ninja edit because I forgot the "translate calling" command on the voice translation profile, it should be good now.

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