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Need Suggestions for a Call Distribution Problem



recently we switched from CME to CUCM (11.5). Basic telephony services, ITSP sip-trunk etc. are already up and running fine. 


However I'm now facing a challenge on configuring the call distribution for our -0 extension. The requirement would be, that inbound calls for extension "0" are signaled like this:

  1. Our two assistants' phones are ringing for 5 seconds (first stage)
  2. The two phones from stage one and three more phones of select employees are ringing for another 5 seconds (second stage)
  3. Mostly all office phones are ringing until the call is dismissed/answered (third stage).


My current implementation in CUCM has:

  • Three Lingroups (Stage1, Stage2, Stage3) with the phones as described above. The distribution algorithm is set to Broadcast
  • A Hunt List with the groups from above
  • A Hunt Pilot pointing to the Hunt List


This setup gets the job done and the phones are ringing as they are supposed to. However there is a major drawback to this implementation. All phones that were ringing are receiving missed calls - although the call got anwered by another phone. I understand that this behaviour is intentional and not a bug so I'm looking for a better solution.


With CME each phone had two lines used: Line1 was the personal Directory Number and Line2 was an overlay of shared lines.

The assitants phone had the overlay with stage1, stage2 and stage3. The select other employees had only stage2 and stage3 in the overlay and the remaining phones only needed stage3 as line2. 


Since CUCM does not support the concept of shared lines this setup is not feasable as it would "waste" up to 3 lines on an assistant's phone.

Note: The 2nd and 3rd stage Line Groups can't contain multiple shared lines since the Blastgroup option does not work well with shared lines (at least the CUCM documentation tells me so), thus the need for up to 3 lines.


I'm open to suggestions how to achieve the above described call distribution, without logging missed calls on the user's main Line (Line 1) and not waisting more than one extra line per phone.







Um, CUCM most definitely supports shared lines. You could configure the same thing: three DNs, each set to Call Forward Busy/No Answer at the prescribed escalation thresholds to the next stage and then untick the Log Missed Calls checkbox on those line appearances. Yes, this consumes multiple line buttons on the stage one and two phones but that’s the trade off I’m afraid.
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