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need Voip assistance from an Ivy League resource :)

Dear cisco experts.. I have a project that i'm experementing with. I have Cisco Callmanager with an H.323 trunk to an Avaya. Is it possible to add extensions off the Avaya PBX onto our Cisco phones that are currently registered to the Callmanager? the trunks work fine for avaya to cisco calls (and vise versa) but i was wondering if I could take it up a notch and add avaya extensions to our phones...Thanks in advance to all!

Amer rajai Sha'er
Rising star


Do you mean shared lines ? that the same extension is on both systems ?


Hello Amer,

thank you for your reply.. not shared lines, they are unique extensions, the avaya line that i want to configure on the secondary line of my cisco phone resides on the avaya pbx. The primary line on the cisco phones reside on the callmanager. I researched registering cisco phones on the avaya and only using them for the avaya extensions but it does not seem possible as the avaya won't support SIP and that is the only way to do it with 7941's to an avaya.


May i ask why you need to configure a number on the call manager that resides on the Avaya PBX, what is the use ?

If this is the case , i don't think it is possible , since i am sure you know this but to comunicate between two different PBX's you use trunk , and the trunk is configured based on a route pattern , the pattern is for the range of extensions that resides on the other PBX , so let's say that you configure a extension on the call manager 1111 and you also have this number on the Avaya , if cisco ip phone want to call this number , it wil not go to the trunk since this number is a local number and is not part of the pattern.


Marwan ALshawi

Agree with amer !

But anyway you could do some digit manipulations Here

For example create a translation pattern in a partition only cisco side had access to and put that number in and translate it to the cisco phone number in that number make forward no answer to avaya number do you can send the call to avaya phone

But make sure this line has CSS to reach the ict to avaya not to the translation above !

Good luck

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