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Network QoS change

Karl Archibald

    We have recently changed our network to EF QoS.  To have this take affect I need to change the QoS settings in the enterprise parameters of the CUCM (Version 8.0)  We currently have the default set (CS3):

CallManager to Device Interface : This parameter specifies the Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) IP classification for protocol control interfaces that are used in Cisco CallManager-to-device communications. Note: You must restart Cisco CallManager servers and associated devices for this parameter ... Restart the Cisco CallManager service and associated devices for the parameter change to take effect.


Am I reading this correctly that all CUCM servers must be restarted and all of the telephone sets as well?  A second related question is that we have 7940s to 7962s (a couple of 7970s as well), is there any of the older sets and firmware that will not support EF?

Thank You.

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Terry Cheema
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Karl,

The enterprise parameter you are looking at is for call signalling.The default value is set as CS3 and I would leave it be CS3. This is for H323, SIP, MGCP, SCCP etc. all call signalling.

If you go to:

System >Service Parameter> Clusterwide Parameters (System - QOS)

It will show you the dscp values for audio calls - which is ef by default.

So I dont think you need to change anything in CUCM. As CUCM is already by default marking audio as ef and signalling as CS3.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Edit: Regards to your second question, there is no limitation on any phone model not supporting dscp marking ef.

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