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New SX10 and Touch 8 or Touch 10?

Todd Volz
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If you haven't seen the new release for MX and SX series:

The SX10 is an all in one POE powered codec, camera and Mic that sits on top of a flat panel. 

My question is: Can a touch 8 or touch 10 be paired with it?

There are no data sheets out yet, so this will probably get answered with a data sheet, but as all of the products "should" be available in Spring 2014 and I need to purchase some codecs now I might be able to get creative with lead times to get the best bang for the buck as the SX10 is supposed to cost about as much as a PC as I read from the above news release:

"Costing less than the price of a PC, the Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set builds upon elements many companies already have in smaller meeting spaces—flat panel displays—to create incredible video meeting spaces."

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Agreed I like the idea of providing some TP license ratio for pro licensing



I'd like to echo the sentiments expressed here on the licensing cost for the SX10.  As a proportion of the overall cost of the system, $650 is just plain ridiculous, that's almost 15% of the system cost itself!

Please Cisco, take a look at this.

I escalated to the individual in Cisco in connection with this and have yet to hear back

Cisco is missing the boat here. With increased pressure with devices like chrome box and considering one of the main reasons Cisco came up with this unit is to drive the cost down, they are negating any price advantage they have with this license. They can't keep riding on the coat tails of "end to end solution" or " CCX integration" compared to point product vendors.

Just because a unit has telepresence in front of it doesn't mean one should charge a TP license.

Unless we get enough folks to add to this thread I fear this will never change



They are looking to fix, no solution today but I escalated to it and they understand the issue and looking to change the license

Just asked yesterday in the licensing session and the response was they discussed it and have decided not to change it. So it remains TP license for 10/10.5

For the Cisco partners participating in this discussion: thank you for your valuable feedback and for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the Collaboration Community.

I want to remind you that you can find more information about ordering in the Cisco Partner Collaboration Community.


Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

As Tyler said, the Touch panel is not currently supported on SX10.  The concept was to keep the cost down by using a remote control.  In this case, it is the simplified TRC6 remote control.

The Touch 8 will not be supported on the SX10. However, there is a roadmap item to support the Touch 10, which is the new user interface of choice across the other new products. I believe this is targeted for the June timeframe, subject to change. The use case for this is the customer who wants the Touch interface to provide an identical UI across the products.

Regarding CUCM versions, 8.6.2 is the minimum recommended version for integrating any Cisco TelePresence endpoints.  The next version up - 9.1.2 - gains robust URI dialing, which is critical for many organizations.  10.0 includes H.265 support and improved mobility, among other things.


Regarding PoE, the SX10 is intended to operate within the 802.3af standard, and as such does not require "PoE plus". 

However, there is a USB port on the back, which is intended for future use.  If someone were to plug in their iPhone to charge it (for example), then the power draw would exceed the 802.3af spec.

In any case, the unit can be ordered with an optional DC power supply for those installations that don't have PoE.  It is rated at 12VDC 2.5A.


Dave Bohn
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Will the SX10 work within our VCS and TMS without needing to be a part of the CUCM?

See here

VCS is mentioned here



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Hello Guys,

We have cisco and polycom codec in our organization. Will the SX 10 will support communicate to polycom codec (H.323) ?